Company Overview

MHC was founded in August 1987 by Dr. Semyon Friedman, a former professor of Chemical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

The company has grown from one clinic, one physician, one physical therapist to about 50 clinics in Maryland and Northern Virginia and about 150 Employee and contractors.

To successfully manage multiple clinics and to provide high-quality service MHC has developed a novel business model and implemented modern technology for the internal and external flow of information.

Internal IT connects all clinics with each other and the headquarters. External IT provides instant access to essential information of the clients and electronic transfer of medical records to participating Attorney.

The proprietary business model emphasizes financial incentives and minimizes the use of administrative tools in managing the company. This allows for maximum operational flexibility and creates a friendly environment within the company and in each clinic. As a result, our retention rate is really high: many Employees work for the company 10, 15, 20 years. We are proud of the professionalism and dedication of our professional and administrative staff; for them, every patient is held in the highest regard and they do their best to provide the highest quality of medical service.

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