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The video of MHC Legal Seminar conducted by Honorable Stephen Platt (Ret.) uploaded

We have uploaded the video of our legal seminar conducted by Honorable Stephen Platt (Ret.) on 6/21/18.
Seminar Topics:
  1. Addressing damages at trial.
  2. Causation proof in low impact accidents.
  3. Mediation and arbitration.
Judge Platt retired from the Circuit Court for Prince George’s County in 2007. He has since been approved by the Court of Appeals to try cases and conduct Settlement Conferences in all 8 Circuits as a Recalled Judge. He is also engaged in private mediation, arbitration and neutral case evaluation of complex civil litigation cases. Judge Platt is a distinguished jurist who was named "one of the best Judges in the Washington Metropolitan area" by The Washingtonian Magazine. He has received numerous honors and awards, including an award for "Leadership in The Law" and " Innovator of The Year" from The Daily Record. 
To view the video please click here. Note: You'll be asked to login into your account.

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