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Campaign To Save The Chesapeake Bay

MHC's campaign for going Green and helping to save the Chesapeake Bay has already produced great results! As part of our campaign, 12 law firms listed below have recently elected the paperless (“Green”) option of medical records transmission:
  • Alexander & Cleaver
  • Altmark, Rotter & Trock, LLP
  • Joseph Githuku
  • John A. Hopkins
  • Law Office of Edwin K. Fogam & Associates
  • Miller & Zois
  • Millstein Law Offices
  • Mobley & Brown
  • Paul Samakow
  • Platinum Law Group
  • Roland Walker & Marc Zayon, P.A.
  • The Solomon Law Center, LLC
As a token of our appreciation, MHC donated $100.00 on behalf of each of the above firms to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. In turn, CBF wishes to extend special thanks to its 12 newest partners:

"We at CBF are thankful for those partners who have chosen to “Go Green” (Paperless)! It will help to conserve and protect the natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay. Thank you for helping MHC make a difference in our local Bay community and beyond.” John Rodenhausen, Director of Major Giving - Chesapeake Bay Foundation".

MHC looks forward to partnering with many other law firms so together we can substantially increase support of CBF and their amazing work in saving our precious natural resource!
Click here to learn more about the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

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